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Black Angus Flank Steak and Kalamata Olives, façon Les Commis

This gastronomic recipe has been elaborated by Les Commis.

Les Commis is a young company based in Paris and has a concept far from your down the road food delivery service. The recipes are elaborated by Chefs on the basis of truly out of the ordinary ingredients for a real gourmet restaurant experience, at home. It’s like in a gastronomic restaurant, Les Commis (range chefs) prepare the products in the morning, for example they cut the filets themselves from the whole freshly caught fish, they finish preparing  the meat from the large pieces or prepare the white stock, something that is not easily available at home for small quantities. The ingredients are then vacuum sealed and delivered within the day to happy customers. 

Ingredients (2 servings)

11oz Black Angus Flank Steak

7oz cauliflower

5 pieces Cauliflower florets

1 tsp lemon confit

1 tbsp salicornia (pickleweed)

2 tsp sun dried tomatoes

2 tsp Kalios Kalamata olive paste

2 tsp capers

2 tbsp butter

1tbsp grapeseed oil

1 pinch flower of salt

6 fl oz milk

13 fl oz of beef juice. It is NOT a beef broth ! And frankly there are no real substitutes….

1 tbsp white stock. Ok you might not want to do it, so try chicken bouillon cubes as a substitute.

2 shallots

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Prepare the cauliflower

In a skillet over medium heat, saute the cauliflower florets, 5 min

Add the salicornia and lemon confit, sauté 2 min

Separately cook cauliflower in water and milk. Put in a mixer without liquid but a knob of butter. Keep warm.

Prepare the sauce

In a small pan  stir in the shallots, add the beef juice, white stock and a little water. Reduce. Season.

In a saucepan off the heat, stir the meat juice, capers, dried tomatoes, olive paste

Cook the meat

Heat the grapeseed oil in a frying pan

Sauté the black angus steak, 2 min

Turn the steak, add the butter and sauté 2 minutes, basting with butter, sprinkle with flower of salt

On the plate

Cut the steak into 2 cm slices

Arrange 3 slices side by side, in revealing the flesh of the meat

Add the cauliflower puree, forming a circle, next to the steak

Top the purée with the cauliflower florets and salicornia

Finish with a spoon of sauce.

Et voilà !


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