Truffle and Porcini Burger by Savors Of Europe

Truffle and Porcini Mushroom Burger

Truffle and porcini burger Bruno soleri

The association of Porcini and Truffles is a classic decadent combination in the cuisine of northern Italy. It is used a lot with risotto and pasta. This time let’s use them to enrich a staple of American party time (or even let’s turn a quick bite into a luxurious experience).

No ketchup is really needed here because of the pleasant acidity from the balsamic drizzle.

For the burgers

  • 2 lb. of ground beef 85%-15%
  • 4 tbsp of porcini mushroom cream
  • 2 tbsp of finely chopped shallots
  • 1 tsp of salt

 For the garnish

Porcini mushroom and truffle burger inaudi Savors Of Europe Bruno SoleriCut Porcini mushroom Inaudi Savors Of Europe

Mix with your hands all the burger ingredients in a large bowl. Divide in four parts and shape your burgers.

Heat your pan, or even better your grill. Once really hot, brush the burgers lightly with vegetable oil and place them on the fire. Leave it on high heat for 1 ½ minutes, then lower the flame just a bit and cover. After one and a half minute, remove the lid and flip your burgers.

While they finish cooking, toast your favorite bun and place it on the serving plate. Place a leaf of lettuce on the bottom bun and drizzle it with black truffle oil.

Now is the time to put the cheese on the burger for the last 45 seconds of cooking. Once the cheese is barely melted, remove the burgers from the heat and place them on top of the lettuce and add the slices of shallots .Top everything with your ideal amount of sliced porcini mushrooms.

Your final choice is to offer your burger open face or not, but either way, you really want to drizzled that baby with truffle balsamic vinegar.

Buon appetito !


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