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How to cook easily a perfect risotto


Rice may not be the first ingredient you think of when considering the Italian pantry but rice is actually the typical crop of the area between Milan and Turin.

Carnaroli rice, the highest quality rice from this region, is exceptional for Italy’s iconic risotto. Compared to long-grain rice like basmati or even other medium-grain rice like arborio, carnaroli’s chemical composition is perfect for slowly and consistently releasing starch during cooking. But it’s firm enough to stand up to long cooking times and makes for a creamy, hearty risotto that’s hard to mess up. And it stands re-heating of leftovers easily. Some say it's even better then.

Cascina Santa Marta, a cooperative farm south of Milan, has packaged in a jar everything for a tasty classical risotto with artichokes, saffron, apples and porcini mushrooms, nettles or red chicory.

santa marta rice 

You need only to add hot broth, a bit of butter and Parmigiano-reggiano cheese. And the best is that this recipe is easily hackable; add bacon, ground beef, fresh peas and make it your own.

Check the video:

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