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I had never thought that I would one day be producing olive oil - testimonial

PJ Chantzios

French-Greek Pierre-Julien Chantzios, 31 years old and co-founder of Kalios Olive Oils, tells us how he finally took over the family olive grove in Greece, with his brother Grégory, after studying at a business school.

Greek Toasts Olives and Feta

Toasts Kalios with Feta and Olives

Here is a simple recipe idea, ideal for an appetizer and which will transport you to Greece, the time of a bite! Difficult to resist, right ?

Linguine with Red Turnip and Smoked Bacon

Linguine with beetroots

A quick recipe, out of the beaten path, making the best of the slightly spicy flavor of red turnips.

Spaghetti with Mussels

Pasta with mussels

In video, Silicon Valley renowned chef Bruno Soleri prepares for Savors Of Europe a simple & tasty recipe of spaghetti with mussels or "spaghetti con le cozze".

Pappardelle with creamy mushroom sauce


What kind of pasta to use with a sophisticated mushroom sauce ?  Pappardelle of course !

Risotto with Saffron, Scallops and Prawns

Risotto with saffron prawns and scallops

Risotto with saffron, scallops and prawns is a classical Italian dish, perfect to be served on Christmas Eve but absolutely adequate all year round. Making risotto might seem complex but with Santa Marta's "all in the jar" mix, it is impossible to miss it and the deep yellow color associated to the seafood makes a great impression on the table !

The Mediterranean: a Gin and Olive Oil Cocktail reminiscent of the Big Blue

Cocktail Kalios

Based on Gin, this cocktail is as refreshing as it is fragrant. Kalios Olive Oil, Pistachios and Oregano make it an ode to the Mediterranean.

Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni of Tagliolini pasta

Italian cannelloni are usually prepared with pasta tubes or lasagne sheets and filled with spinach and ricotta stuffing or meat.

This innovative recipe is using Filotea's egg tagliolini, a very thin egg pasta shape, to create the pasta sheets filled with a mix of spinach and cheese. Light, healthy and soooo beautiful ! 

Marinated Dried Fruit Salad Recipe

Dried fruit salad

Inspired by the middle eastern cuisine, this very aromatic salad made with marinated dried fruits and fresh mango can be served with yogurt, whipped cream, ice cream or cottage cheese. In a Sundae Bowl, share it over a good movie ! 

Christmas Eats - Good Food From Trending European Artisans

Xmas table

It's the most wonderful time of the year, a time of gathering and celebration, a time to share memories and hopes for the new year. Food is the universal connector of people and amazingly enough it doesn't take a lot to create the right spirit, it just takes the right ingredients. Discover or re-discover our catalog and offers for this holiday season.