New on Savors Of Europe's shelves: Organic olive oil and Kalamata oliv

New on Savors Of Europe's shelves: Organic olive oil and Kalamata olives in brine

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Savors Of Europe is the exclusive distributor in the US of what's best in Greece, Kalios Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Olive based products, packaged and promoted from Paris for Chefs and worldwide famous gourmet grocery shops by founders brothers Pierre and Gregory Chantzios. 

Starting end of September 2016, we put on the shelves Kalios certified organic, monovarietal and seasonal EVOO and their olives in brine.

Kalios certified organic EVOO derives its character and fruity taste from the exquisite Koroneiki olives hand harvested in the Peloponnese region, in the south of Greece. 

First cold pressed and with a very low acidity, lower than 0.2%, it ranks amongst the grand crus extra virgin olive oils. Olives are harvested in the middle of the three months season, in November, thus generating a pretty balanced oil with vegetable aroma and peppery finish and a thick texture. 

Recommended for green salads, rice and pasta salades, steamed and raw vegetables.

Kalios Kalamata

Kalamata olives are the "queen of olives", more purple than black, long and sharp, big and meaty, with protected designation of origin. They are harvested by hand on the tree like cherries. Kalios' Kalamata olives are prepared by Uncle Aris. They must be perfect for the brine. Neither split, nor stained, they are even shiny. And after two months in tanks with salt water, they are preserved in brine, with the texture of their flesh unalterated.

Until 10/15 enjoy 15% discount on these exceptional new products: 

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