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Orecchiette alla crudaiola

Filotea Pasta Crudaiola

Orecchiette alla crudaiola is a typical summer dish from the Puglia region in the South of Italy, easy to prepare and to adapt to one's own taste. Enjoy warm as a "primo piatto" or cold as a salad. actually that's the way we like it.

Ingredients for 4 servings


Cook the Orecchiette in plenty of salted boiling water for about 13 minutes (slightly longer if you don't like "al dente")

In the meantime, wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in small pieces. Put them in a bowl and season with flower of salt and plenty of olive oil. Add the basil leaves washed and chopped and the grated hard ricotta cheese (or grated pecorino romano or fetta crumbles). Mix well and add more oil if necessary.

Add the orecchiette to the bowl making sure they are all covered by the sauce and don't stick, mix well. You can eat the pasta immediately or leave it in the fridge and, why not, enjoy at your sunday picnic.

Seasoning alla crudaiola is really and try / taste thing so take your time and taste while preparing, at least the first time.

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