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Pancakes and Galabé

Pancakes and Galabe

Is there anything better to start your weekend than a stack of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, chocolate sauce or melted salty butter ?

There is ! Try Marlette organic pancakes with Galabé, an artisan sugarcane syrup from the French Island of La Réunion produced for Savors Of Europe.

And with Marlette baking mixes, you have the benefit of enjoying pancakes exclusively with organic ingredients.

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Instructions for 15 medium pancakes

Pour the mix into a large bowl.

Add the eggs, the melted butter and slowly pour in the milk and incorporate with a whisk. Set aside for 30 min.

Cook your pancakes in an oiled frying pan until both sides are slightly golden brown.

Drizzle with the sugarcane syrup.

For more energy in the morning, add seeds or nuts to the dough and cook your pancakes as indicated above : it’s crispy, full of vitamines, just what you need to boost your day !

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