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The new generation of French Specialty Food Entrepreneurs

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At the end of 2014, 14  startups in the specialty food sector established an association in France called “Génération Food”. Their mission is to promote entrepreneurship in this sector, educate the public about the different role and practices of the specialty food industry (with respect to the agro-industry in general) and share experiences. Other companies are encouraged to join and Génération Food aspires at becoming a kind of incubator for new ideas and start-ups.

Kalios and Marlette are among the founders of Generation Food, as well as other startups producing beer, snacks, chocolate and other yummy goods. What they have in common is a love for genuine products, a willingness to help young entrepreneurs start their venture, and the mission to advocate for the (re)discovery of traditional tastes and flavors that one can only find in products made with high quality ingredients.

It is not by chance that SoE is partnering with Kalios and Marlette. We share the same values and we are proud to contribute somehow to the initiative by expanding the market of these innovative companies in the US. Within a couple of weeks we will also start distributing an outstanding raw cane sugar manufactured by yet another member of Generation Food, Payet & Rivière, a start-up producing a rare volcanic sugar called “Galabé”. Galabé is made following an ancient recipe, traditional of the French island “La Réunion”. It had totally disappeared from the market until Alexis Rivière took up the task of re-starting production with the help of local artisans who were able to come up with the original recipe.

Innovation in food is not only about distribution models: what we like is the commitment of these young entrepreneurs to retrieve specialty products deeply rooted in their culinary heritage and offer new ways to present and enjoy them. By focusing on the quality of the ingredients and skilled manual processing, proposing modern, attractive packaging and combinations, they have managed to give new life and purpose to traditional specialties that are now featured in the recipes of a new generation of starred chefs in France. 

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