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Culinary uses of vinegar

One cannot over emphasize the critical role vinegar has in modern cooking. Each vinegar has a unique flavor profile. We recommend tasting different kinds to learn which flavors you prefer. Here are some ideas about how you can use our vinegars and condiments, from prefect vinaigrettes to the awesome Mixtelle burger.

White wine vinegar from Pineau des Charentes

Ideal to prepare a vinaigrette by combining it with grapeseed oil or, better, a mild olive oil
Kalios 03. You can add a touch of acacia blossom honey and/or mustard to it to flavor a seafood salad. This vinegar is perfect also to deglaze a pan where you fried foods or a plancha for white meat, calamari or scallops. It is a contentious topic to know whether one should add acid to a mayonnaise, and I don't, our chef Bruno does... But in case you want to do it, by all means use this white Pineau vinegar ! 

Rosé wine vinegar from Pineau des Charentes

In the same way, it is also great for a vinaigrette by associating it with, this time, hazelnut oil, walnut oil or, again, a mild olive oil Kalios 03. Awesome with a touch of acacia blossom honey, mustard and even meat or poultry juice. Use it to deglaze pans with red meat, poultry liver, foie gras or duck breasts (true, not so easy to find in the US).

Pineau vinegar flavored with gray shallots

A great fit for salad dressings & vinaigrettes, deglazing (meat), sauces (béarnaise, tartare, gribiche ...) as well as escabèche (famous mediterranean marinade for fish). Try it as a mignonette: a few drops in an oyster. 


We fell in love with Mixtelle. Like a "cream of vinegar" Mixtelle is to be used pure, sparingly, and should not be diluted or heated. It is the equivalent of a balsamic glaze, but with highly superior and natural ingredients and a slow process to make it really awesome. Added just before serving, a line or a few drops of Mixtelle are enough to flavor duck, lamb, bacon, pork, blue cheeses, prunes, chocolate desserts, apple, quince, cream cheese, vanilla ice cream ... It makes wonders on all kinds of salads.
And that's not all. Mixtelle is a perfect solution for basting your patties in a burger, just try it. It even makes oven fries interesting !



Sushi is ideal for seasoning vinegared rice and to raise sauces. This condiment gives personality to mixed salads, is a good basis for vinaigrette for vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, turnips, cauliflower) and is a great fit with raw fish (salmon, sardines, haddock) , shellfish (prawns, crabs), marinades (pork, poultry) and Tartares (tomatoes, beef, duck, scallops). It gives a boost to fruit salads (mango, pineapple, banana ...). Also perfect to deglaze mussels, squid, scallops, fried or a la plancha. Use it to season carpaccios.

Truffle Balsamic Vinegar

An authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, flavored with truffle juice and authentic truffle pieces from the Piemonte region. It is at its best with steak tartare and carpaccio, eggs omelette (just before serving), meat fillets (a few drops once cooked, with salt and pepper), cheese (simply, a few drops on Parmigiano Reggiano) and salads. Be adventurous and try it on fresh strawberries, you won't regret it !

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