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About Us

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Savors Of Europe has been founded in 2015 to give authentic and European gourmet food artisans the possibility to access North American consumers, distributors and retailers. Importing food in the US is a complex process, marketing new products is expensive and finding local distributors is impossible for most. 

Savors Of Europe functions as a marketplace where relationships are built, products tasted and evaluated and deals done.

We have met with countless small producers in Europe characterized by a passion for their trade and proud of their homeland traditions. They put care and mastery in their products, constantly striving to find the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. What we fell for is the combination of products deeply rooted in a territory and a tradition, excellence in craftsmanship, innovation in recipes and packaging and .... people. This results in carefully curated products offered both to brick and mortar or online retailers and to consumers.

It is crucial to us that we control the supply chain from our partners' warehouses in Europe to our own in Healdsburg in California where we ship from to all over the country to distributors, retailers and final consumers. That's complex, but rewarding, and allows us to offer our products at an affordable price.