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Filotea is a small company, situated in Italy in the heart of the Marche region overlooking the Adriatic Sea, which produces pasta according to local traditions. Filotea Building Savors Of EuropeThe company was founded by Francesco Severoni and Pietro Giugliarelli. They started in a garage, literally, going from market to market and to customer, and thanks to hard work and an exceptional team built a successful company that is now shipping all over the world from Ancona.

Striving for excellence is Filotea’s top priority and, for this reason, the production of pasta is not only based on meticulous processing methods, but also on the careful monitoring of all the preparation phases, starting from the choice of flour, durum wheat flour and fresh eggs. Every day about 1000kg of pasta are produced from about 5am to 12pm.

MAster Pastaio Filotea Savors of Europe

Filotea egg pasta is made according to an ancient recipe from the Marche region, following to the letter the same preparation methods that grandmas’ once used. Just as for the pasta prepared at home on Sundays, Filotea uses only the best eggs and flour to guarantee a genuine product.

The pasta is dried very slowly at a low temperature, at a maximum of 40-41C (105F) for up to a day. This special drying process gives the pasta the authentic flavor typical of homemade pasta. This patient, artisan preparation guarantees a unique product which is incredibly light and easy to digest while its textured surface helps absorb sauces thus exalting the flavour of all ingredients. 

If you happen to travel through the Marche Region, go see our friends at Filotea. Now they have a restaurant on site !

Ristorante Filotea Savors Of Europe

Pietro presenting the company: