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Marlette sisters

Marlette was founded on Ile de Ré, an island off the coast of western France, by sisters Margot and Scarlette in 2010. Their goal was to create organic baking mixes different from anything available on the market, products that would combine the quality of the ingredients with the concept of "cooking made easy".

Ile de Re

By carefully selecting the ingredients and calibrating the amounts of each component, they succeeded in creating mixes that not only taste good, but actually are just like homemade food.

All of Marlette's baking mixes are made with products from organic farming and are carefully selected for their taste, their origin and their nutritional value: the flour is produced with local wheat ground on a traditional millstone; the fruits are from selected producers from Ile de R̩é, which is Marlette's owners native region. Products that cannot be grown locally, like the chocolate, are purchased from producers certified for Sustainable Development and Fair Trade. They are entirely natural (no additives, not even those authorized in the organic industry) and stone ground, no comparison with refined flours from mass distribution, poor in taste and nutrients.

More often than not Marlette revisits traditional recipes by adding unexpected ingredients, rapadura sugar for example. 

Factory MarletteCafe MArlette Savors Of Europe

The baking mixes themselves are small bags, dosed for a single use, packed by hand in boxes with a modern design and high quality recyclable paper. Marlette's concept is to pack all the dry ingredients and for the customer to add only fresh products, such as eggs, milk, butter ... and follow the simple and detailed instructions on the back of the bag. Everyone is encouraged to add their personal touch by adding fruit, for example, so that baking enthusiasts can preserve the pleasure of concocting their own private version of a cake without going through the hassle of finding and measuring the basic ingredients.

In 2014, Marlette opened cafe Marlette in the heart of the Pigalle district of Paris, in the famous Rue des Martyrs. The concept is original: a shop area where guests can find all the brand's products and taste them as they are prepared on the premises. That's actually how we first learned about them: the crowd outside the shop and the young people inside, demonstrating how easy it was to prepare a first-class dessert with very little effort, led us to join in and give it a try. After tasting the outcome, we could not resist going to meet the owners of Isle de Ré and winning them over to our project of exporting to the US their wonderful concept of ready-made, quality food.

Marlette co-founders and sisters Margot and Scarlette present the company on receiving the 2014 Award for best "young retail business entrepreneur".