French Vinegar Glaze, Fleuriet 3.38 fl oz – Savors Of Europe

Mixtelle Vinegar Glaze

Product Description

Extended reduction of prune juice mixed with sugar, rosé vinegar and spices. Superior quality condiment, sweet and mellow, with a dense texture.

 Net Weight: 100ml (3.38fl.oz)

 Ingredients: prune juice, candy sugar, Pineau de Charentes rosé vinegar, fresh rosemary, orange zest, black pepper, flower of salt.

 Add a few drops of this luscious elixir just before serving. Excellent with duck, lamb, liver, rabbit, bacon and pork dishes. A tasty lift for apple pies, cottage cheese and vanilla ice-cream.

  Handmade by Atelier de Conserverie Francoise Fleuriet - France

$ 19.00