French Crêpes Organic Baking Mix, Marlette 12.4 oz – Savors Of Europe

French Crêpes Organic Baking Mix

Product Description

The quintessential expression of French traditional sweet treat. Serve with a layer of jam or honey; or make for a fancy dessert with a more sophisticated filling, like fresh cut fruit and whipped cream.
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 Ingredients:  T80 wheat flour, spelt flour, blond cane sugar, sea salt. Manufactured in a facility that uses nuts and sesame. Contains wheat.

 Net Weight: 350g (12.4 oz)  - serves 6 persons (15 crêpes)

 Preparation time: 4 min. Resting time: 30 min. Cooking time: 2 min.       

  Handmade by Marlette - France

$ 12.60