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Selection of Three Jellies

Product Description

Three jellies featuring one original ingredient: the superior quality grapes that are a precious gift of Piedmont's fertile lands.
  Moscato jelly, made from a white grape, sweet and aromatic. The perfect match for seasoned cheese, can also be enjoyed with yogurt and ice-cream or to season a fruit salad.
  Dolcetto jelly, from the namesake red grapes that have a dry, pleasantly bitter flavor and moderate acidity. It is best enjoyed with fresh cheese or foie gras.
  Balsamic vinegar jelly: a must-try! Made of the best Italian balsamic vinegar, it starts off with a sweet taste and eventually gives way to sour: best paired with cheese but can also be an interesting variation on a turkey sandwich or be used to enliven your any dressing.
Featured in this recipe:
Lamb chops with balsamic jelly

  Net weight: 110g (3.9oz) each jar

 Handmade by Azienda Agricola Prunotto Mariangela Italy 

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